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#BY Blog: the latest in health sciences

In our blog you will discover the latest trends in health and longevity backed by the most relevant current scientific publications. In addition, our entries are written by accredited experts in biochemistry, genetics, nutrition and psychoneuroimmunology.

¿Cómo funciona la plataforma Beyond You?

Guía de uso paso a paso Introducción Beyond You es una plataforma de visualización de datos de ARN que permite a los profesionales de la salud explorar y analizar datos...

#23 The Brain-Metabolic Connection

Introduction Mental health is an area of great interest and complexity, and more and more studies have begun to explore the connection between metabolic pathways and emotional well-being. The brain,...

#20 The importance of respecting circadian cycles

Humans function according to circadian rhythms that repeat every 24 hours and are driven by an internal biological clock that regulates metabolism and modifies our behavior according to the hours...