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Beyond Extending Life Expectancy, our Mission is to Extend the Functional Health of the People on the Planet

Extending the healthy state involves focusing not only on extending life expectancy, but also on improving and maintaining health and quality of life during that extended period. It is a comprehensive approach that focuses on adopting proactive measures to prevent disease, promote healthy lifestyle habits and ensure active and full ageing. Rather than simply living longer, it is about living those extra years with well-being, independence, and minimizing the burden of chronic disease and disability.


Our genes determine 10% of who we are

The genes we have inherited do not define our state of health


Our lifestyle is what defines our health

And it is observed in the expression of our genes (RNA)

Expression Sequencing

Sequencing the expression of all the genes in a blood sample is a revolutionary advance in the field of medicine and genetics.

This technique, known as RNA (ribonucleic acid) sequencing, makes it possible to comprehensively analyze gene expression levels in a blood sample.

Through this process, detailed information can be obtained about how genes are active and what proteins are being produced at any given time.

By sequencing the expression of all genes, healthcare professionals can identify gene expression patterns associated with disease, assess the efficacy of specific treatments, and discover new biomarkers for disease diagnosis and prognosis.

This advanced technology provides a deep and comprehensive view of the molecular functioning of a blood sample, leading to a more precise understanding of biological processes and opening new doors towards personalized medicine and the improvement of human health.

Age and Aging can be slowed down

We have spent more than 20 years investigating the expression of genes in the blood in patients of all ages to see inflammatory patterns related to aging as well as markers that can help health professionals to monitor all the biological processes linked to age. , among them:

mTOR pathway

mTOR is a protein that regulates cell growth and metabolism. Its excessive activation has been associated with aging and related diseases. Inhibiting mTOR can promote longevity and improve overall health.

Insulin pathway

Insulin is a hormone that regulates blood glucose levels. Insulin resistance has also been linked to aging and related diseases.

Celular senescence

Cellular senescence is a state in which cells stop dividing and enter a state of irreversible aging. The accumulation of senescent cells has been associated with aging and the development of chronic diseases.

Inflammation (IL-17)

Low-grade chronic inflammation is a major contributing factor in aging and related diseases. Persistent activation of the immune system can lead to cell damage and accelerate the aging process.

Autophagy pathway

Autophagy is a cellular process by which cells break down and recycle their damaged or unnecessary components. The decline in autophagy has been linked to aging and the development of age-related diseases.

Glutatione metab.

Glutathione is a key antioxidant in the body that plays an important role in protecting cells against oxidative damage. Aging is associated with a decrease in glutathione levels and a dysfunction in its metabolism.

TNF signaling

TNF is a protein involved in regulating the body's inflammatory response. As we age, there is an increase in TNF activation and a greater chronic inflammatory response, known as low-grade inflammation.

MAPK signaling

The MAPK signaling pathway is an intracellular pathway that plays a crucial role in the cellular response to external stimuli, such as stress, inflammation, and cell damage. During aging, dysfunction in the pathway has been observed.

Inflammation is the invisible enemy that accelerates our aging

Inflammaging is a chronic and silent inflammatory process that is not activated as a consequence of external aggression to defend the organism, but rather feeds itself due to the exhaustion of the immune system that causes the chronic production of proinflammatory molecules (cytokines) and due to behaviors and wrong lifestyles.

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