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Scientific studies published in world-class journals

Beyond You is the result of more than 20 years of research in genetics and data science by top-level researchers from institutions such as the Hospital Sant Pau in Barcelona and the UPC.

The impact of sex on gene expression in human tissues

Data from the Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) project were examined and found that 37% of genes in at least one of the 44 tissues studied exhibited tissue-specific and sex-biased gene expression. They also identified a sex-specific variation in the cellular composition of the tissues. In general, the effects of gender on gene expression were small, but genome-wide and mostly mediated by transcription factor binding.

Affected pathways and transcriptional regulators in the response of gene expression to an ultramarathon route

For the first time, we report the genome-wide GE profile in a group of 16 runners participating in an 82 km UMT competition. We quantify your differential GE profile before and after the race. We observed significant differences in the expression levels of 5084 protein-coding genes, resulting in a 14% overrepresentation of human biological pathways.

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Unraveling athletic performance: Transcriptomics and external load monitoring in handball competition

This study aims to comprehend the impact of handball practice on sub-elite athletes by investigating transcriptomic changes that occur during a match. 

Evaluation of a personalized intervention based on transcriptomic analysis of blood samples from overweight and obese patients

Determine if it is possible to make personalized recommendations to patients with obesity or overweight based on their blood transcriptomic profile and evaluate the changes.