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#7 How can I improve my sports performance?

People who invest many hours in training need to enjoy optimal conditions to cope with the physical wear that entails, they will need to have a nutritional support to help them maintain performance and avoid possible injuries.

It will be of vital importance that the last meal before exercise contains sufficient carbohydrates and that there is no food that may hinder digestion.

  • Do not eat anything difficult to digest such as red meat.
  • Avoid fats and fiber that can slow down digestion: seeds, nuts, legumes, raw vegetables, etc.
  • Avoid simple sugars just before running to avoid hypoglycemia.

The greater the sporting intensity, the greater the need for good muscle glycogen reserves. Therefore, in anaerobic sports such as high-intensity exercise, more energy is obtained by oxidizing carbohydrates than fats, since energy must be generated quickly in a short period of time. In these cases, the muscle will use phosphocreatine and muscle glycogen and it will be important to take carbohydrates before training to ensure that glycogen stores are kept full.

On the other hand, in endurance and long duration exercises, fats will acquire a very important role, since they will become the main source of energy. In addition, the use of fats as an energy source improves metabolic flexibility and delays fatigue by conserving muscle glycogen.

A good example of a pre-workout breakfast:

  • Whole grain toast
  • Two-egg omelet
  • Banana

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