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#12 What RNA can reveal about us

You will have heard many times about how a genetic analysis of DNA allows us to find out what genetic predisposition we have to suffer from certain imbalances. The truth is that we are born with certain genes that have been given to us by a hereditary factor and in them is stored all the necessary information to be able to grow and develop, but nobody has spoken to us until relatively recently, that we have enough capacity to make the genes turn on or keep them off.

Although genes are static and we will always have the same ones, this is, without a doubt, non-negotiable; depending on the lifestyle we lead and other environmental factors -epigenetics-, we will be able to regulate the expression of many of them and be able to take an active part in the path to reach an optimal state of health. Sorry but, you have no excuse anymore!

85% of diseases and health problems depend on our life habits and environmental factors that affect our organism, not on our DNA itself.

In order to understand a little of where the concept of RNA comes from, let me put it in context: in all organisms the DNA content of all cells – with the exception of sex cells – is essentially identical; that is, they contain all the information necessary for the synthesis of all proteins. But for the synthesis of these proteins to occur, there must be a series of processes mediated by RNA so that they are finally synthesized and, therefore, genes are expressed. Thus, RNA is like a messenger that transports the information contained in DNA so that gene expression can take place.

At this point, it is understood that genes are expressed or not depending on the cell’s own function; for example, genes that synthesize specific proteins for the brain will only be expressed in that tissue and not in others, as for example in white blood cells, in which only genes related to the immune system will be expressed. The concept of temporal specificity is also introduced, and this is where we are interested in focusing on, since this means that the different genes in the same cell will be turned on or off -like lights-, with more or less intensity, at different times in a person’s life.

The key is that, as long as the genes are not turned on, it is as if they were not there; thus, being born with a certain genetic sequence does not inevitably imply that we cannot be masters of our own path.

This is, in essence, what we seek and value in Beyond You, to know what genes are being expressed at a given moment in order to reverse or enhance certain metabolic pathways and improve your quality of life, whatever your goal is.

To know how your genes are expressed we have different tests in which you can discover your genetic map based on RNA expression and get information about your metabolism, inflammation and infections, aging and much more. For more information you can go to the store section of our website and buy the test that best suits your needs.

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